Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apollo's divine corner

 Hello everyone!

Last week went for a little trip with my mum to Delphi. 

Delphi is located on the spurs of mount Parnassus and was the site of the Delphic Oracle. It was used by the ancient Greeks as a worshiping place for the god Apollo. 

It is the third time I've been to this magic place. As a child, as an acheology student and today!
There is always something new to discover here! The site ''speaks'' to your mind and soul. Here are some of the highlights of the place.

The temple of Apollo

Did you know that Delfi was concidered by the ancient Greeks as the ''Navel of the Earth''?

In this photo you can see how they portrayed that navel- or ''omfalos'' in greek.

Inside the museum I had the chance to admire one of my favourite sculptures ''The column of the Dancers''. It was an Athenian offering to the oracle.The figures are three young women, wearing short, transparent dresses and a basket-like hat on their heads (it is called Polos). Look at how gracefully they seem to move. It almost feels that they will come to life!

In Delphi I saw tourists from all over the world! They were all mesmerized by the natural beauty of the landscape and the world famous antiquities. 

Just imagine how this picture would look in the ancient years.... So magnificent! 
The perfect location to build a temple to Apollo!

These are only a few of the beautiful things that you can see in Delphi! Next time you are in the area, don't forget to pay a visit to the gods! You will not be dissapointed, that's for sure!!

Want to learn more about Delphi?
Here is a useful link

Have a divine day!


  1. Great Post Katerina! Delphi is just an amazing place!

    thank you for travelling me again in that place!

  2. I can't believe I've never visited Delphi! Honestly what a place!!!

  3. Wow! I have heard about the temple and the Delphic oracle, but I never thought Delphi would be such a gorgeous place even nowadays. Thanks for sharing!